Competitive Junk Removal Pricing Starts Here

At Scrap Monkey Junk Removal, we understand the value of providing our clients with exceptional service and unbeatable pricing, which is why we have built our reputation on our ability to deliver fast and professional junk removal services that meet your needs. We take pride in our ability to provide you with cost-competitive pricing that reflects the value you will get from our services.

Importantly, we understand that every junk removal job is unique, which is why our pricing is based on the volume of junk we will be hauling away and the space it will take up in our trailer. This means that you can rest assured knowing that you are only paying for the services you need, without any hidden fees or surprise costs.

Below you will find the base prices for our junk removal services. Please note that the prices shown below are our baseline prices and may vary depending on the nature of the junk we will be removing.

Our trailers are 13 cubic yards. Trailers measure 7′ wide x 12′ long x 4′ walls. For visual reference, 1/4 trailer load equals 1 full size pickup bed load. A full trailer load equals 4 full size pickup bed loads.

Junk Removal Price

When the crew shows up, you simply show them what you want removed. You will be provided with an upfront price based on what the crew thinks the trailer load will be. If your good with that, price they will quickly make the items vanish.

1/4 load price
1/2 Load Price
3/4 Load Price

Additional Prices:

Hot Tub Removal $250 – $375
Piano Removal $150 – $225


Curbside Pickup Price

Looking for a low cost junk removal solution? Our Curbside service maybe just what you need. Simply place your unwanted Items out on your sidewalk or driveway and we will quickly come out to load & haul the items away.

Our Single Item Pickup Starts at $50

Now that you know our junk removal prices, let us help you get rid of your unwanted junk in an affordable and timely manner. Schedule online with us today!

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