Low pricing Starting at Just $75

Scrap Monkey believes in honest upfront pricing. We base all of our prices on the total volume of your junk and not the time it takes to remove, haul or dispose of your unwanted items. When it comes to determining the scope of your junk removal needs we encourage you to compare prices not by the truck/trailer load, but by cubic yards.

No hidden fees!!! Our upfront pricing includes all labor, transportation costs, disposal fees as well as our efforts to recycle, reuse or donate as many items as possible.

Charging By Volume

Easy Fair Pricing

We use a 7ft x 12ft x 4.5ft trailer (13 cubic yards) and our rates are based on how much room your unwanted items take up in our trailer.

The exception to this rule occurs when we happen to be working on a project that involves special pricing like hot tub removal, shed removal and construction material. In those instances, we may factor in weight, location, or extra labor accordingly.