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Clear out more space with Scrap Monkey’s expert Yuba City light demolition services. Fast, safe, and easy solution to get rid of large items.

Getting Rid Of A Large Item That Requires Some Light Demolition?

We Break Down & Haul Away Large Items

Not all junk is created equal. We all have the normal clutter that piles up and accumulates over time. However, many of us encounter that one large, bulky item requiring more than just grabbing a buddy to help lift and toss it into the back of a truck. We’re talking about large items that need to be broken down, disassembled, or simply busted up to make disposal easier. For such instances, we, here at Scrap Monkey, offer a small demolition service. Equipped with tools, saws, and hammers, we can safely break down large items that need to be thrown away.

We Haul It All

We take the stress out of dealing with large items and remove all other types of junk that will require a little extra effort to haul away. Here is our approach:

We Are The Scrap Monkey
Offering Light Demolition In Yuba City


Equipped with the tools to get the job done, quickly and safely.


Free onsite estimates with all-inclusive pricing. No hidden fees.

Fast & Safe

Efficiency is part of our services but being safe even more important.


Our properly trained crew is always happy to lend a helping hand.

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Yuba City Light Demolition Services

Items The Scrap Monkey Helps To Break Down

Old Fencing

Got an old fence causing obstacles for your new one? Let The Scrap Monkey take care of it! We have the tools to dismantle and haul away the old fencing, making room for the new.


When the kids have had their fun, and the trampoline needs to go, give us a call. Breaking down trampolines is a breeze for us, and we’ll quickly haul away the pieces.

Playground Set Removal

Remember the joy, but now it’s just taking up space? Let us swiftly break down and free up your yard from old playground sets. We make it quick and easy.

Small Remodels

Making changes in a small space and need demolition? No worries – we’ve got it covered! With the right tools and experience, no job is too big or small. We’re here to help with kitchen and bath remodels.

Hot Tubs & Pools

Out with the old hot tub or above-ground pool? Our team will dismantle and haul away the items, keeping the job site clean and ensuring a swift and safe demolition.

Storage Sheds

Need to bid farewell to an old storage shed? Count on us for efficient demolition services. We’ll break down, remove, and dispose of wood, metal, or plastic sheds, making the process quick and hassle-free.

Why Choose Scrap Monkey

Years of Experience

Since 2016, Scrap Monkey has been a reliable helper in our community. The trust of our neighbors is earned through our dedicated work ethic, ensuring a job well done. Our ultimate aim is to guarantee everyone's satisfaction with our junk removal services of larger and bulkier items.


As a community-driven business, we take pride in providing budget-friendly rates for our range of junk removal services. Unlike large national chains that allocate hefty budgets for advertising, our small business focuses on efficiency. This strategy enables us to maintain lower costs and extend the savings directly to you – our valued local customers.

Exceptional Service, Every Time

We're committed to giving you fast, safe, and friendly 5-star light demolition services every time. Treating each customer like we're helping clean out our own home is what we're all about since day one.

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It's Time To Make That Large Item Vanish

We make it very simple to get your junk hauled away.

Step 1: Call Us

Give us a call to book an appointment that fits your schedule.

Step 2: We Show Up

We will arrive on time and even notify you when we are on our way to take a look at what need to be broken down.

Step 3: Show Us The Item

When we arrive onsite, you show us the item that will require some light demolition so we can see what it will take to bring it down.

Step 4: Make It Vanish

We'll schedule a time to get our crew to get to work to make that item vanish with our expert demolition skills.

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