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From furniture to appliances, trust us to handle the heavy lifting with our professional bulky item collection services in Yuba City. 

Looking For A Way To Get Rid Of A Bulky Item?

We Will Haul Just About Anything Away

At some point, many people find themselves needing to dispose of a large, bulky item—whether it’s an old piece of furniture or a broken-down appliance. These items can be a hassle to get rid of, often lingering for months or even years, taking up valuable space and causing stress. Luckily, our bulky item collection service in Yuba City provides a quick and effective solution. 

We give You Options

Whether you opt for us to pick it up directly or choose our cost-effective curbside service where you place it on the curb, we’ll promptly rid you of that item or item, freeing up your space and eliminating the stress.

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Offering Bulky Item Collection In Yuba City


We’ll be in and out with you bulky item in no time so you can get on with your day.


Free onsite estimates with all-inclusive pricing with zero pressure and no hidden fees.


In many instances, we are able to offer same-day service! Getting rid of an item is easy!


Our friendly, professional team is here to free up space and make you happy.

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Yuba City Bulky Item Collection

Some Of The Bulky Items Collected - The Scrap Monkey

Mattresses: Upgrade your sleep space and let us responsibly dispose of your old mattress with our bulky item collection service.

Old Washers and Dryers: Say goodbye to outdated laundry appliances effortlessly. Our service handles the removal and disposal of old washers and dryers.

Old Fridges: Upgrade your kitchen and let us take care of the old fridge. Our service ensures responsible removal and disposal.

Couches: Make room for new furniture by letting us take away your old couch with our efficient bulky item collection service.

Chairs: Clear out space in your home by parting ways with old chairs through our hassle-free collection service.

Patio Furniture: Revamp your outdoor space and let us handle the removal of old patio furniture with our convenient service.

Trampolines: Say farewell to the old trampoline. Our collection service efficiently removes and disposes of these bulky items.

Hot Tubs: Upgrade your backyard and let us handle the removal of old hot tubs with our reliable bulky item collection service.

Storage Sheds: Free up your space by saying goodbye to old storage sheds. Our service ensures efficient removal and disposal.

Mowers: Upgrade your lawn equipment and let us handle the disposal of old mowers through our bulky item collection.

BBQ Grills: Make room for a new grill and let us efficiently remove and dispose of your old BBQ grill.

Desks: Clear your workspace by letting us handle the removal of old desks with our reliable collection service.

Old Electronics: Upgrade your gadgets and responsibly dispose of old electronics with our convenient bulky item collection service.

Old Furniture: Clear out space in your home by parting ways with old furniture through our hassle-free collection service.

Why Choose Scrap Monkey

Years of Expertise in Bulky Item Collection

Since 2016, Scrap Monkey has been a trusted partner in our community, offering reliable assistance. Our neighbors place their trust in us because of our dedicated work ethic, ensuring excellence in every task. We are committed to ensuring the satisfaction of everyone in the community, especially when it comes to our specialized service of removing larger and bulkier items.


As a local business, we take pride in offering budget-friendly prices for our junk removal services. Calling us to come in and do all of the heaving maneuvering of you items is very affordable but to save even more, you can move the item to the curb yourself to save even more. Whichever option you pick, you can be sure removing a bulky item won't break the bank.

Reliable Excellence

Our pledge is to consistently provide a prompt, reliable, and personable 5-star junk removal service on every occasion. Treating each customer as if we were assisting in cleaning out our own home has been our guiding principle from the beginning. With years of positive feedback, we continue our unwavering dedication to delivering exceptional service.

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It's Time To Make That Bulky Item Vanish

We make it very simple to get your junk hauled away.

Step 1: Call Us

Give us a call to book an appointment that fits your schedule.

Step 2: We Show Up

We will arrive on time and even notify you when we are on our way to take a look at your item.

Step 3: Point To The item

When we arrive onsite, you show us the bulky item and we give you a price!

Step 4: Make It Vanish

Our crew will quickly make your that large bulky item and make it vanish. It is that simple.

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