8 Ways To Get Organized When You Hire A Junk Removal Company

Junk accumulation on your property may cause several problems, and you need proper clean-up to reduce issues. Getting rid of household items and other waste materials require support from a company for handling complex issues. When you want to remove bulky items from your property, you should consider working with a professional junk removal company […]

Why Property Managers Hire A Junk Removal Service

Junk Removal

A property manager has various responsibilities when it comes to the maintenance of their property. It is the duty of a manager to make sure that a property is in good condition when a tenant moves in or out. At the same time, removing waste materials from a residential or commercial property is a hard […]

Scrap Monkey Commercial Clean Outs

RETAIL Scrap Monkey can help resolve your large scale retail cleanup needs. If there is a store closing or remodeling, we can provide the cleanup services necessary for the project. Our crews can remove all the debris from the store, whether it is drywall, furnishing, and other items that are necessary to be removed. If […]

Hire A Junk Hauling Service When You Remodel

Daunting or Delightful? Do you have visions of new flooring but the thought of ripping out old tile flooring has stopped you in your tracks?  Have you started a project only to realize you feel like you have just opened a proverbial can of worms and don’t want to continue?  Never fear, Scrap Monkey is […]

About Scrap Monkey Property Services

Hi! My name is Ben Bautista, a proud US Army Veteran and the owner of Scrap Monkey. Scrap Monkey Junk Removal is your local expert junk removal company that offers full-service property maintenance and junk removal services in the Greater Yuba-Sutter Area in California. We are a full-service cleanup company that provides services for both […]

COVID-19 Announcement

Scrap Monkey Junk Removal is your local expert junk removal company that offers full-service junk removal. As a family-owned & operated business, we strive to provide exceptional customer service at a reasonable price, with the highest level of integrity. We are aware that we and the whole world are facing a pandemic named COVID-19. Despite […]