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appliance removal

Appliance Removal

Get Your Appliances Removed By The Professionals

Have you recently purchased a new appliance but was told that the delivery people cant take the old appliance away? Well no need to worry, Scrap Monkey can remove and recycle your old appliances. We just need the details about what we’re hauling away so we can be prepared with the right equipment and personnel for your appointment. Scrap Monkey removes and recycles the following major household appliances:

• Air conditioners
• Dishwashers
• Clothes washers
• Dryers
• Freezers
• Lawnmowers
• Trash compactors
• Refrigerators
• Ovens/stoves
• Hot water heaters
• And More!

Don’t let your old appliances take up valuable storage or living space. Call ScrapMonkey today and have us haul them away. Contact us today!

We service the following cities:

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Need Help With Your Appliance Removal?

If you’ve ever tried to move a fridge or stove, you know it’s a difficult job without help. Lifting heavy objects alone can be dangerous, and can cause serious back injuries if done incorrectly.

Not only is appliance removal difficult, improper disposal can also harm the environment. Many old appliances contain ozone-depleting chemicals that disperse into the air when left to break down in a landfill. Taking the proper steps to handle your appliance disposal responsibly not only preserves your back health but the health of the environment, too.


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